Thursday, December 3, 2009

Godt Nytt År

This New Year's card appears to have been sent in 1908.
Although this is a Swedish card, the spelling for Happy New Year is the Norwegian spelling, not the Swedish spelling, which would be Gott nytt år.
Maybe someone can clarify this...and provide a translation. There is so much text; I'd love to know what it says.
UPDATE - September, 2010
Thanks to Postcrossing member, Kjell, from Sweden, we have a translation. Here's what Kjell has to say:
Godt nytt år (Happy New Year) is Swedish but written in the old spelling!
Picture side, at the left;
You can write a letter and tell me how nice it is there. We haven’t had any snow here yet so it does not look like Christmas. Do you have any snow in America?
On the right side;
I don’t have anything more to write this time xxx  Karlsson is at my place, he is asking for a greeting. It was that man who was at the train. Writing this in a hurry. Gunnar Best greetings to Georg.
Address side;
Wishing You a Happy New Year. As you can see I’m sending you some one-hundred crown bank-notes as you well need. I hope you have had a fine Christmas. Are you still working at the mines, it’s a hard work. I do wonder why you take so long time before writing to me. I have sent you 2 postcards. Have you got them. It’s very hard to find work. I have got a longing for America.
Some lines to the left are difficult to read!

By the way, Kjell has a website too; check it out here: Kjelle's hemsida


  1. What an interesting card - I hope you get a translation. Are the elves (or whatever they are) holding stock certificates or some type of bank certificates? Perhaps it's a wish for a prosperous new year?

  2. I'm not sure what they're holding, but they do have the name of the Swedish National Bank on them.

  3. What a sad story written on this postcard... I'll translate it when I've got a few minutes to spare.

  4. Thank you in advance. A translation would be so welcome. For some reason, this postcard has had more "hits" than anything else I have posted. I'm not sure why, but perhaps it has to do with the story. As soon as someone posts a translation, I will repost it so everybody can look at it again.



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