Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Girl from Cincinnatus

Very cute postcard, albeit a little murky.  Ruth's uncle should have been pleased to receive this card, although it looks like he had moved out of state without informing his family. Tsk tsk.

The message  to L.D. Wire reads:
Dear Uncle,
I received your post card and I hope that I will get an answer 
When are you coming out to see us all soon.
Your Neice Ruth

And, just as a bit of trivia - Cincinnatus, the town the card was sent from, was part of the Central New York Military Tract, the land used to compensate soldiers for service in the American Revolution.


  1. Poor little Ruth! What an interesting card, too. I'm not sure I'd be able to carry off such a pointy hat - except at Halloween of course!

  2. The towns of Waverly and Sayre are just a couple miles apart, but the NY/PA border happens to run between them. I'm guessing it was pretty hard to tell when you had crossed the border, especially for young Ruth...I do appreciate her rolly polly handwriting though, and the fact that she actually made the effort to write to her uncle- my nephews and nieces never found the time!



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