Friday, November 5, 2010

1920 - Waikiki, Hawaii

It's the second day of our cruise to Hawaii, and today we're going to spend some more time on Waikiki Beach. You can see Diamond Head, the extinct volcano, in the background and the outrigger canoes in the foreground.

The water is warm and the sand is white. Although there are lots of high-rise hotels and condo buildings in Waikiki now,  back then much of the land surrounding Waikiki Beach was still a marshy area devoted to fish and duck ponds and taro patches.

However, the Honolulu Aquarium was already open in 1904, so we'll head over there and look at some of the fish and deep-sea animals they have on display.

It's now called the Waikiki Aquarium, but it still has high-quality displays. It's right along the beach near the Honolulu Zoo, both great places to stop, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Here is some early footage of  surfers at Waikiki Beach. it's interesting, but not high-action:

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  1. I like that octopus pic and the antique"ness" of the image. Kind of spooky.



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