Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giant Corn and Watermelon

It looks like there was a bumper crop this year in the land of the Jackalopes.

Here are the backs of the cards.
The message to A.V. Stroud in Lowell, Washington reads:

Seattle WA, Nov. 18 '09
Dear Sister:-
Well here I am in Seattle, got here 10 minutes past 9 o'clock. don't know just when the Portland train leaves but I think it is 1:15. I got off all right and there was a little Jap that works around the depot was out at the train + he carried both suitcases so I am fine. The sun I shining nice. I hope you get back all right. Myrtle

The second one is addressed to the same person, but it's harder to decipher.


  1. Love it...Innocent political incorrectness.

  2. Funny, but I always thought that the term "Jap" was coined during WWII. Shows that I know! Great cards, btw.

  3. PR
    Yeah, I didn't realize people would be using that term back then either. It probably did not have quite the derogatory meaning that it did during WWII.

  4. What a collection you are getting together Christine! I haven't seen these before. Just imagine if we could grow crops that size, we could solve world hunger.

  5. These might be the best exaggeration cards I've seen!



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