Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dutch Stereotype

Back in about 1910, cards that provided a humorous stereotypical view of Dutch (and sometimes Germans) were very popular. As far as I can tell, the humor was well intended. These cards were all sent to  Cora Huffsmith  of Dushore, Pennsylvania.  According to Conover Genealogy,  Cora Huffsmith, born in Pennsylvania in 1891, was the 8th great-granddaughter of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven, a baker from Utrecht, Netherlands.  Friends and family must have sent her these cards because of her Dutch heritage.

Here are ze backs of de cards in ze same order:


  1. Great post today. I can remember seeing something similar way back when in my grandparents house where no one was Dutch. I suppose it was the humor which appealed to either the sender or the receiver.

  2. Ze text is clogging my understanding. :)

  3. Christine, I have another to go with your set! Look here:

    I love these little postcards, stereotypical or not. They have a little wisdom, a little humor, and they just make me smile.

    I think the color on your scans is better than the color on mine. I can choose color photo, color document, or magazine. I can't remember which mine is but I like yours better!

    Thanks for sharing your cards!

  4. Oh, I have some similar with the same blue border. I always wondered about them, but never took the time to research. You've added some info to my mental filing cabinet.

  5. Nancy, that's a great one.
    Now I had to check to see how I scan things...the photo setting is what I use. I didn't even realize I had a setting for magazine, but now I know better.

  6. Hold on, stereotype? Are you trying to say that they don't really wear those funky wooden shoes? And I suppose you think us Texans don't have gun racks in our pickup trucks! (heh-heh)

  7. Vy do I haff to see my tailor vonce? Vot vill he do?



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