Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Motels For You

If you're still not sure where you might like to go this summer, here are a few more suggestions.
I recommend the Downtowner Motel in Memphis, Tennessee for the consistent and classic decorating scheme with warm hues carried throughout, and effective lighting and a appropriately-sized painting on the wall. Smokers will be glad to see that the room is well supplied with ashtrays. Sorry, no wi-fi.

The Floritona in Daytona Beach claims to be on the world's most famous beach, so why are people sunbathing in the grass with a view of the parking lot (even if they are nice cars)? I don't know, but it might be worth it for you to go there and find out.

These two motels, in Sharpsburg, North Carolina and Ashland, Virginia, seem similar enough to be interchangeable. It may just depend on whether you prefer yellow or pink bedspreads.

Here are the backs of the first two cards.


  1. I like the green room with the pink bedspreads, but I am concerned at the number of chairs and wonder how many other people will be in the room . . . :)

  2. Awesome TV in the first joint, and I'll bet some folks would love the get their hands on those mid-century mod chairs too. The decor in the the last card went all fancy by comparison, sorta the Versailles of motels! And the Daytona joint isn't a 'real' motel, because the people are parked where the cars should be, perhaps they are sitting there because they know if they leave the lawn will be paved...

  3. I really like those old televisions which would have only three channels or less.

  4. Grossartig, falls ich jemals vorhabe Selbstmord zu begehen, wird eines dieser Motels in die engere Wahl des Ortes dafür kommen.; 0)

  5. The Downtowner is AAA approved, so that's where I will stay. It also has some groovy lamps to look at while I fill the ashtrays.

  6. "When in Daytona it's the Floritona!" Hah! I like that.



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