Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Empire State Express Passing Through Syracuse

In 1891, the Empire State Express became the world's first high-speed passenger train, traveling from New York City to Buffalo in just under seven hours. Top speeds between 82 miles per hour and 112 miles per hour were recorded.  Eventually the train's western terminus was extended to Cleveland, Ohio.
It seems odd that a train celebrated for its great speeds would travel right through the middle of town with no safety barriers. Word to the wise: keep your dog on a leash.


  1. "High speed' rail in Europe means 125+ mph. In the US, it means 90+ mph. That this steam train went that fast 100 years ago is a testamanet to the pathetic rail service we have.

  2. It's incredible that it blew through town like that.

    I found this article from the New York Times in 1904: ALBANY, Oct. 14. -- The Empire State Express on the New York Central was in collision to-night, which, but for the fact that she was not yet under full speed, would have been a serious wreck. One fireman was killed, one engineer slightly injured, and two locomotives wrecked.

    I wonder what it took to be considered "a serious wreck."

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  4. Amazing to see a train go right through the centre of town like that!



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