Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bees of Edinburgh

You probably think I've been sitting in a lawn chair for the last month, but actually I have been hard at work conducting intensive postcard research (cough, cough). Well, it's almost true. Between stops for fish and chips, beer samplings, scenic outlooks, and visits to blog friends, I did make one side trip to track down the former residence of one of my favorite postcard recipients, Nettie Bee. You may remember some of the previous postcards to the Bee family, such as this one, sent to Edith Bee.

Nettie Bee lived in the Rosemount Buildings in Edinburgh, Scotland, with at least two sisters (Chrissie and Edith). Her mother also lived there, but her father is never mentioned, so I'm not sure if he lived there or not. The apartment would have been very small, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and dining in the kitchen.

Rosemount buildings is a three-story brick building built in Edinburgh's West End. The building, which was constructed for working class families in the 1860s, is now part of the West End Conservation Area.

Here's what it looks like today.

 And here's the inner courtyard.

The door to # 9 is on the second floor (first, if you're from the UK), the blue door with the potted plants in front.

As with a  number of the cards to Nettie and family, this one was sent from a young soldier in World War I. I can't help but wonder if he made it home safely.

On the front of the card of John o'Groats in northern Scotland, he wrote: I would like to take you here for a day.

The message on the back reads:

8th Aug.  21 Shore St. Thurso

Home today for six days Leave, spending most of the time with Jessie and Maggie. Sorry you did not come along with them. Drop a line + let me know how you are getting on. I would like to hear from you before  going away with best love I remain yours faithfully
B. Thompson

Hope you enjoy your holidays

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taking A Break

The Daily Postcard is taking a sabbatical for the month of May. Some time away from the computer will do me good, and I promise to return refreshed and with renewed vigor.  I look forward to seeing you back here on June 1st.

Here's the back of the card.

Nellie sent this card to Harry in Redfield, New York in 1909 with a message that reads:

Going to Mexico Thur. with Jones. Just got back from Selkirk. I been out on the river nearly every day. Nellie
We will be home Fri on the ten o'clock train.

If you're wondering how Nellie could be in Scotland and then go to Mexico on Thursday and be home on the train on Friday, it's because she was referring to Selkirk and Mexico, New York. Her entire trip was about 150 miles.


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