Monday, January 24, 2011

Florida Citrus

Special Note: I have extended the deadline for last week's giveaway for an additional week. Many people noted that they don't have iPhones, so they can't use the app. I should have made it clear that the apps also work on iPad and on iPod Touch. So, just in case you wanted to enter and didn't, here's your second chance: Click here for the giveaway post.

Along with that, here's some Florida sunshine to brighten your day. This scene looks like something from a model railroad; it doesn't look quite real.


  1. An interesting postcard, it does look like toytown! Very nice!

  2. Must have been the citrus grove downstream from the uranium mine, since the fruit on those trees looks as big as the heads of the folks in the doorway, bigger actually!

  3. how almost looks like it has a modern "tilt-shift photography" effect to give it that odd miniature scene atmosphere...whilst the detailed and highly decorative fruit trees is almost medieval looking! what a gem!
    ps...thanks for dropping by!

  4. I agree about the unnatural look of that card. Those "linen" postcards were often graced with the weirdest of art, appearing as half-photo and half-painting. Very odd, but in a fun way!



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