Monday, January 9, 2012

Juarez, Mexico

Was Juarez a dangerous city back in 1911? Probably not like it is today. The street scene looks very peaceful with the horse-drawn carriages and the shaded booths.

The message on the the card to Elnor (Eleanor?) Moss of Minneapolis reads:

Dear Elnor
As I have just come in from the 30 Mill station and had a few nickels in saved from the rations and found a few cards.
Yours truly

I'm not sure what 30 Mill station might have been. Any ideas?


  1. I'm glad she found a few cards. I'm wondering about the rations...

  2. It must have been very nice to receive postcards from someone obviously travelling on limited means (or so it sounds).
    Christine have you seen I found out something more about Jordena Flood Green and left a comment on part 3?

  3. Very cool to spend it on sending a card to a friend. War rations? 30 Mill? all very good questions for further investigations...I just love these little bits of information that the sender and receiver knew at the time without a doubt and here we sit years later wondering....the little letter lives on! Will we be so lucky to have someone years from now wonder about what we wrote one afternoon? We best get sending those postcards out today!!!

  4. In May of 1911 Mexican revolutionaries under Francisco Madero and Pancho Villa attacked Juarez and fought a multi-day, pitched battle for control of the city. Their victory led to the overthrow of President Porfirio Diaz and the signing of The Treaty of Ciudad Juarez. The fighting could be seen from El Paso and Americans would go the banks of the Rio Grande to watch the battle. Juarez was anything but peaceful in 1911. Too, my guess is that 30 mill station refers to a stamping mill, used to separate minerals from rock.

  5. I like the overgrown plaza- almost a micro forest- in the middle of town.

  6. WJY,
    Thanks so much for the additional information.

  7. Lisa,
    Thanks - I did read your comment and just responded to it.

  8. She just came from a 30 mill station, that's where you got a cup of Expresso from- all cups of Expresso contain 30 mills of coffee (Millilitres)

  9. Wow!What a difference a hundred years makes. Looks like an amazing place to visit (straight out of a postcard) LOL. Probably not anything like that sweet, quaint little picture now!
    Christine, you always dig up the most fascinating postcards!!!!

  10. That sign lower right, perhaps La Frontera Zapateria, for a shoe store...



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