Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More on Sarah Craven

Sarah Craven of Lawrence, Massachusetts was the recipient of the card from Chas that I posted yesterday. Chas sent the card from New York in 1910 and said he might go ashore. Was he on a cruise? Nope, Chas was a sailor on board the USS Idaho. Based on the next card, we can assume that there was some romantic connection between Chas and Sarah, at least in some people's eyes.

The card appears to have been sent from a young male relative of Sarah's who lived in the same town, maybe a nephew.  The message reads:

Received your postcard you was trying to fool me this is you and Charles kissing each other good by from Edward Craven.

Oh, but then I have this other postcard sent to Chas Walter on the USS Idaho from somebody named Clara who also lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She seems to think that Lawrence is HER guy.

The message reads:

Dear Chas I received your cards wish I could see you play football. I would give you a cheer. When are you coming to Boston XXXXXXXXX Clara Schneker (?)

This card was sent in 1908, so perhaps Clara was out of the picture by the time Sarah came along.


  1. Oh dear a bit of two-timing going on?

  2. The first one is so sweet! He must have been a popular guy, shame we don't have his photo, or do you? ;)

  3. I think Charles was playing the role of the sailor. Lucky for him the internet wasn't yet available for the ladies to piece the romantic puzzle together.

  4. That's definitely the beginning of a good story, I'm guessing it got even more interesting! Quite the dress on that fancy first card.

  5. enough kisses on that card to sink a ship:)hehe

  6. What a beautiful and romantic Valentine!



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