Friday, March 2, 2012

Beware of Free Samples

When someone offers you free samples, this is what they may have in mind. Well, they are pretty cute. O.K., I guess I'll take a couple.

I have seen this 'Nit' on cards before. I seem to recall that it stands for something, but I can't remember what. Does anyone else know? Any guesses?

Also, I have only seen Washington state abbreviated as WA, never as WN.

Here's the back of the card.
The message to Master H.G. Modrell of Tekoa, Washington reads:

Dearest dear:
Why don't you ever write to me? Gee but I would like to have you here now. How are you feeling now? How is your Mama? Well so long and ans soon.Love to u'all. How's my kitty are you taking good care of her for me? 
Aunt Elsie

Tekoa is a small town in eastern Washington near the Idaho border. It currently has a population of around 800 people, but back in 1912 when this card was sent, the population was closer to 1,500. Cheney, Washington, which is located in Spokane County (also eastern Washington) had a similarly-sized population in 1912, but their population has continued to grow and is now over 10,000.


  1. I recently saw Wn for Washington on the studio address on an old photo.
    Haven't seen 'nit' before though.

  2. A peculiar card, cute baby illustration though, and you gotta like the real felt banner.

  3. Oh, poor Aunt Elsie. She sounds a little desperate for some friendship.

  4. I grew up with three sets of grandparents (a long story) and my "Grandfather Lloyd" was Postmaster of Cheney! Though I think his reign was from the 30's to the 60's, so there probably isn't any chance he touched this here card. Still kind of cool, though!

  5. Steven, that's amazing. I'm afraid I had never even heard of Cheney before.

  6. I'm never good at remembering modern abbreviations, never mind old ones. Could be not in town when 8 babies land on the doorstep, LOL, well OK they do look cute maybe I'll relent.

  7. Interesting. I just assumed Wn meant Wisconsin until you pointed out it’s Washington. First time I’ve seen it abbreviated that way. Perhaps it was common at one time? As for the use of “nit” on postcards--I have no idea. But now I feel compelled to spend a lot of time procrastinating on stuff I “should” be doing so I can discover the answer. ;-)

  8. Funny how something so simple back then can keep us guessing today. WN may be an old or legal abbreviation for Washington State. What comes to my mind for nit is like to nit I will looking to for it myself.... on other postcards. The babies are cute and surely the town was either growing at the time, or they were pushing for more babies to be born.

  9. I forgot to mention, I didn't find your post on Alan's blog this Saturday....and if people don't have you on their blog roll they will miss this post!

  10. fascinating card...and mystery! have been trying to fathom the meaning of "nit" - Not In Time?! in british english nits are another name for head lice!

  11. I was thinking maybe it meant "not in town", but she is in town. maybe it's a personal joke. I like the salutation Dearest dear. I think I may start using that.



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