Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tram Tuesday - TNL

Tramways de Nice et du Littoral (TNL) operated the tram lines in Nice, France as well as those connecting Nice to other places along like the Côte d'Azur. Back in January of last year, I put up a post on trams in Nice, including an overview of the history and a look at the sleek new system. I won't repeat the information from the previous post, but I do have a number of additional views to show you. Each Tuesday for the next four weeks I will post cards that feature views from different areas of the Côte d'Azur tram lines. Today’s card show you some views in the city of Nice itself as you might have seen them while riding the trams at the turn of the century.

Avenue de la Victoire:

Avenue de la Gare:

Le Casino Municipal:


  1. Ooh, loved these, Christine! A fabulous post, as usual! :D

  2. Very pretty tinting on the first card, I can almost feel a warm breeze- people in the scene look pretty well dressed though... I wonder why there is that funny squiggle in the tram tracks farthest to the left on the first Casino card? Makes me think that perhaps the workers laying the rails had one too many glasses of wine at lunch that day.

  3. What a fine collection of cards. What a shame there are so few trams left in the world, surely there time must be coming yet again. We have a rather fine tram museum down in Derbyshire. It is a long time since I last visited it, I must try and go again soon. Mind you, it is a long time since I visited Nice, perhaps it is time to visit there again.

  4. The city of Nice, or rather the whole Côte d'Azur, is very high on my to-visit list. Amersfoort, with its distant train station, large zoo and compact city center could use a few tram lines very well. Unfortunately the last line was closed in 1949.

  5. I love the coloring on the first card. That card makes me wish I were there!

  6. Great public spaces, sidewalks and squares that invite you to linger.



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