Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buy This Stuff, Or Else!

You'd better get some, because this little guy means business. Don't make him shoot you.


  1. I hope he didn't shoot the horse!

  2. Es geht doch nichts darüber sauf einem gut gebohnerten Boden auszurutschen ;0)

  3. The romanticism with guns goes way back, doesn't it? And the phonetic spelling of Grandpa makes it even more endearing!

    I guess I'm safe from his scope, for I have an old can of the stuff in a cupboard. I think it is lubricating oil but I'm pretty sure it is made by Grampa.

  4. Looks like junior might have buffed up his rocking horse with some of Grampa's secret recipe too... Those were the days for interior finishes, wood everywhere, sort of let you know what it felt like to be a termite.



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