Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Telephone Memo

As we travel around with our cell phones it's hard to imagine what it must have been like to receive only rare phone calls, and always connected by an operator. If you weren't home the phone would just ring and ring until the operator decided the person was not home. I'm not familiar with this kind of phone though. It appears that the speaker and receiver were fixed and you would just stand next to the phone and talk.

It looks like the girls who sent this, Marvel and Mable, pasted their photo over the printed message. They sent the card from Kingston, Missouri to Marnie Howard in Pueblo, Colorado.  I couldn't find much on Marvel, Mable, and Marnie, except that Mable was born in 1900, and her father John was a mail carrier.

Here's the back of the card, with a message that says:
Hello Marnie
Marvel P.


  1. Das ist eine tolle Postkarte :-)

  2. Very nice card -- love the old fashioned wall phone and the photo.

  3. Lovely card and I like their addition of the photo, but hope they hadn't fallen out, maybe she just didn't have any news :)

  4. Marvel really had way with words, I'll bet she was president of the Debate Club at school... The pasted on photo makes up for the lack of affection in the text though, very cute. It looks to me that there is actually an earpiece on a cord that you lift off the phone if you wanted to, not quite as convenient as a cordless/wireless device though.

  5. Looks like the message got to the point! I recall when long distance was expensive, and when we called someone we had a three minute egg timer nearby, so as to keep it quick and to the point.

  6. Marvel must be related to the woman I posted about recently, writing on the train: "Dear Elsie, I am now in the train. I will not tell you what it is like in Hall because I am writing in the train. Give my love to E & V., Hettie"
    OH.... no, I get it. Marvel was just ahead of her time. She thought she was tweeting:)



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