Friday, April 6, 2012

Fröhliche Ostern

These two Easter cards were both sent to Trinchen von Oesen, the German maid featured in last Saturday's post.

The first card was from her sister Lina, who thankfully had fairly legible handwriting. The message reads:

Dear Sister!
I received your card many thanks for that. I'm traveling to Grambkermoor
The Baetjers got a little girl but I would have gone anyway. Now you can write me about how things are with you there. Now ___ your time is soon up.
Happy Easter along with friendly greetings
Your Lina

I am unable to decipher the message on the second card.


  1. Lovely cards, but ‘your time is up soon’ sounds ominous!

  2. Interesting to see lily of the valley on an Easter card. I've always thought of it as a May flower, not to mention poisonous.



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