Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Will Rogers Motel

Who is that man wearing a suit and tie by the pool? It looks like Clark Gable. I'm sure it isn't, but I wonder why he is all dressed up.

This card was sent in 1966 from the Will Rogers Motel in lovely Tulsa, Oklahoma. The message reads:

Sat Eve.
Dear Folks,
Arrived in Tulsa about 3:00. Visited the zoo + then the kids went swimming here. We are living in luxury for $10. There are two high Meth churches here. One has a $120,000 organ in it - the other is one of the 5 most beautiful churches in the U.S. Don't know which we will attend. Hope you are both O.K. 
Love Lois and Chas


  1. Cool postcard!
    Thanks for looking up the cancellation with RMS (on the pcs connected to A Lincoln), have just checked back and left a comment there.

  2. I'm guessing Lois wouldn't have referred to her religious denomination as 'high Meth' these days, as the cops might think she is dealing methamphetamine and haul her to jail... It is quite interesting that the local church scene is the main focus of the card, different era I dare say. And while the motel building is likely gone at this point- no great loss, sorry Clark Gable guy- I sure hope they kept that awesome neon sign!

  3. Having grown up in Oklahoma, this is such a fun postcard message to read!

  4. wow, lois and chas were real swingers! What a way to spend your vacation! Hope they at least got some swimming in at that refreshing looking pool.

  5. I did not know one of the top 5 most beautiful churches in America was located in Tulsa. Luckily I don't pay much attention to exaggerations and hyperbole and I can easily name a billion beautiful churches that aren't in Oklahoma!

    I too sure do like that neon sign.

  6. People living in luxury for $10 a day should go to the church with the $120,000 organ. Or maybe not! They might find out what real luxury is. I wonder how much meth the congregation had to sell to pay for the churches?



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