Monday, April 30, 2012

How We Do Things at Baudette

This is how they grow corn in Baudette, Minnesota. Don't believe me? Go there and see for yourself. These exaggeration are always in jest, but in this case, 1912 was a year of record crops in the region.

Here's the back of the card, sent to Mr. John Larson in Twin Valley, Minnesota in 1912.

The message reads:
Dear John,
This is the way the people of Baudette raise corn. How would you like to be here.
from Jacob.

Never mind the giant corn though. Did you know that Baudette is considered the Walleye capital of the world? It is also the home of Willie the Walleye, a giant fish statue on display in  Mill Park. Willie could eat that giant corn in one bite. You can visit Baudette in June and celebrate Willie's Birthday at the official Willie Walleye Day. I love Walleye!


  1. Those darn early Photoshop kids, messing with our heads again! The folks looking out the window add a nice touch, and I like the handwritten Copyright note.

  2. Fun stuff. I love exaggeration postcards . . .

  3. These never fail to make me chuckle! I think this is the earliest one I've seen!

  4. It looks like somebody has done some secret genetic engineering experiments ...

  5. Those kernels are as big as potatoes! Can you imagine? Great postcard in your ever-growing exaggerated collection!



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