Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More from Havana, Cuba

This card showing a peaceful scene on the bay of Havana, was sent to Miss Laoma Berberich in 1920. Miss Berberich was only 7 years old then according to the Census. She later became a nurse and married Joseph Cassidy, a steelworker.

The message to Laoma reads:

Havana Cuba
Mar 17 1920
Just a line and just arrived this am at 6 o'clock did not enjoy the ride as much as expected the gulf was to rough could not lay in bed as the boat rocked so hard I held my own by hard work will write later
Ever Jeff

Here's another view, showing the magnificent Centro Gallego, now the Grand Theater of Havana.

And here's the back of the card, with a description of the club's origins.


  1. Love your site, just found it!

  2. Oh, I really do like that first postcard! I would much prefer to receive a postcard like this than a photograph.

  3. Quite an interesting message from Jeff, considering that he was likely not more than +/- a few years older than the 7-year old recipient, based on his handwriting. The windows of the Centro Gallego look like they are filled with pipe organs, sorta odd... probably shutters I would guess.



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