Thursday, June 7, 2012

York, England

In retrospect, it occurred to me that I should have taken some of my UK postcards along for our recent trip so we could try to capture the same views today. Too late, but in a few cases the views turned out to be fairly similar just by chance.  Here's an old postcard of York, with a view of the Minster from the city wall.  Note the long line of laundry hanging out to dry in the lower right corner.

This photo is taken from a little bit further back, and unfortunately we can no longer see the clothesline, but the general scene is little changed from a hundred years ago.

As tourists, there are some things that are remarkable to us that locals would not even look at twice. Certainly the food is different. We found ourselves fascinated with Cornish pasties, with each shop claiming to have award-winning versions, though specific award names were never mentioned.  I think they probably all deserve awards.

Mushy peas were also new to us, served with fish and chips or with pasties. They don't sound glamorous, but mushy peas are good.

Most American buildings have not been around long enough to see this kind of settling, so we found the sloped floors, cracked walls, and crooked door frames to be pretty interesting. This one is at Betty's Tea Room in York.

I don't think this hair color has made it to Oregon yet, though it would do a lot to brighten up our wet and gloomy winters, as would the pink dresses.

Here's a previous post on York and the its trams.


  1. Oddly enough we see that color and others like that around here! I am a bit of a clothes line fan though, it brings back my childhood memories and the smell of the clean clothes drying as well as after they were dry. Isn't it funny how so many of the scenes in England are much the same, only the clothes on the people have changed! That tea room looks so inviting, and at first I thought it may have been a tea room which actually was a tea house, with a museum of sorts in the cellar/basement in Bath. I am surely in need of another England trip soon too! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  2. We live about 40 miles north of York so I know these scenes well but not the red hair!

  3. Love the tour -- now I want to go and I really want a Cornish pasty!!!! Love the pasties and the clothesline....

  4. That was a good capture; the flaming red hair and the pink dresses. The bonus is your reflection in the shop window.

  5. Nell,
    I used to always use a polarizing filter. I don't have one on this camera. Sometimes I the reflections are a bonus and other times not.

  6. The "before and after" are really great! Interesting to see what has changed and what remains the same.

    York is my favorite UK city, and that includes London. I think it is the compactness of the cool; the Minster, the Wall, the railroad museum, the Maltings (Free House!) the Shambles. Just a great city.

  7. O Betty's is the most exclusive tea shoppe in York - what a treat.



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