Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tram Tuesday - Berlin II

These early views of Berlin show many forms of transportation, including horse-drawn trams, buggies, and carts, a stunning omnibus, and some more modern trams on the Oberbaumbrücke crossing the River Spree.  In the view below, it would seem that all of the passengers on this bus are men, with the possible exception of the one in the very front.

Here's a view of the dramatic Oberbaumbrücke. In later years, this bridge became a pedestrian-only border crossing between West and East Berlin. Today the Berlin U-bahn provides service across the upper part of the bridge.

The card below provides a wonderful contrast of the more modern electric tram with a traditional horse-drawn carriage. In the background, you can see the Neue Wache (guard house for the troops of the Crown Prince of Prussia), with some sort of military event in progress.

This next view of Friedrichstrasse includes a horse-drawn tram and carriages. Is the vehicle on the lower right an automobile? I can't tell.

Finally, here's a view showing the famous Cafe Bauer, destroyed during World War II, and now the site of the Lindencorso Restaurant. This is the just across the street from the former Victoria Hotel and Cafe shown on the first card.

All of these cards are blank on the back.


  1. Berlin is another place I'd like to be able to travel back in time to! Great postcards.

  2. I'm with Lisa B -- I'd like to go back there and look around too.

  3. I would love to own an omnibus like that- great for carting lots of friends/family around town- awesome!



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