Monday, July 9, 2012

Giant Grapes and 9 Little Pigs

One of the best things about the exaggeration cards is that they often have interesting messages on the back.

The message, to Mrs. Emma Trappe in Portland, Oregon, reads:

Sherwood, Ore
July 26, 1910
Dear Sister. We are all well now Theodor was sick for a cupple of Days last week with Tonsilitis but is all right now. I guess Art and I will come down Sat. Evenin. Theo doesn't want to come. We have 9 little pigs a week old. best regards to all. from your Loving Sister
Clara Rupprecht
Box 107 R.F.D. 4

Clara Rupprecht was born in 1869 and died in 1942. She is buried beside her husband in the St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery in Sherwood, Oregon. I was unable to find Emma and Clara's maiden name in a quick search of records.


  1. Interesting! I envy your find of these lovely postcards!

  2. The wonders of the Internet! How else would you find out that info about Clara?

  3. i really think it's great how you look up info to share really brings life into these postcards!!!

  4. I always like your exaggeration cards. They are more interesting than most of the ones I have seen.

  5. Yay! Another one of your exaggerated cards. I enjoy them all. Can you imagine how much wine that would make! Interesting about the folks.

  6. Agree, the internet brings to our knowledge the neatest people ..... Love the grapes and pigs? Reference!



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