Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tram Tuesday - Hamburg, Germany

This card is so rich with detail, good views of the trams, but also people going about their business, a coffee-roasting business, an auto-mat cafe, and a sign for Union Castle Mail Steamship Company.

Hamburg had a tram system from 1866 until 1978. Horse-drawn trams were in operation until 1922, running alongside steam-powered from 1878 until 1897 when electric-powered trams were introduced. There has been some discussion about re-introducing streetcars to Hamburg, but there are no plans right now.

Here's the back of the card.


  1. Great view - I would like to take a walk down that street and then hop on the tram....

  2. I am fascinated with all the pedestrians!

  3. I like he lady with the package- a bundle of bread perhaps?- her dress is so different than the men behind her. The contrast between the building on the left corner with the big glass bay and the heavy stone one across the street is interesting too. And that sure is a lot of trams on the street, they are like 20 feet apart!

  4. Trams do make perfect subjects for postcards don't they. Wonderful card, so full of details.



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