Friday, December 3, 2010

Tracy Has Changed His Color

Often, my favorite part of a postcard is the message written on the back. And sometimes, if I have a  number of postcards to and from one person or a family, I start to think I know them. But there are always so many gaps. You wonder what they looked like and what became of them. Did they have children? grandchildren? There is always an element of mystery. And so it's been with my most compelling postcard character, Tracy Graham, whose postcards really stood out with their humor and inside jokes.

If you've been following the Tracy Graham story and all of his postcards, you may be curious to know what Tracy looked like. I know I was. Thanks to his daughter, Bernice, I now have some xerox copies of photos. Please welcome Tracy Graham, born Jan 20, 1885:

This picture was taken in 1906. He looks so serious, but we know better!
Here's a card he received in 1908.
Tracy must not have been feeling well in early December of  1908.

Here's the back of the card:

The message reads:
I hear you have changed your color. But I hope you will soon be better.  W.M.
c/o L. Graham

I will be post some of the other photos Bernice sent me along with other postcards. Be sure to check out the other Sepia Saturday posts today for an interesting collection of old photos and stories.


  1. What a treasure you have got with the TG postcards. He looks a serious man, but there is something in his face which leaves plenty of scope for amusement and fun. How wonderful that you could return the postcards to his daughter.

  2. Wonderful. I love that Alfalfa haircut! Endearing.

  3. We finally get to see Tracy! I love the front of the postcard, too!

  4. Very serious pose in the first picture and what a fun postcard he received.

  5. I suspect quite the mischievious streak hiding behind that stoic facade:) How nice to finally have a face to go with the cards and messages.

  6. I like having a face to go with the name. It's amazing that you were able to connect with his daughter!

  7. I hope he changed his color to a healthy one and not to all white. This is interesting to see.

  8. nowadays, we just send an email or a message on facebook and such. somehow, these postcards had more charms.



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