Monday, December 20, 2010

A Slovak Christmas Greeting

I wish I knew what this postcard has to say. I know that the  front says Merry Christmas in Slovak, but I'm afraid I have no idea about the message on the back. Any Slovaks out there?

Update: A very nice anonymous person responded with the following translation:

Dear Jozinka and Janko,
We wish you warmly and happily a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to be enjoyed with your children. May God bless you with good health and prosperity and that you live happily for many years.
Your mom Paula.
Jozka, we sent a package to your address, please give to Maris N.

I especially appreciate the translation, because it confirms that this is a family postcard sent from the great grandparents of the architect who steals my covers to his grandparents.

Click here to check out (no pun intended!) this more recent post with the Slovak Holiday Food Pyramid.


  1. I probably steal (borrow, really...) the covers because my subconscious is struggling with the fact that my parents never taught me Slovak/Czech, where is Freud when you need him? And God only came thru on some of the blessings wished by great grandma Paula- my grandfather died in his early 60's before I was born, but my grandmother lived to 87, as far as I know they were reasonably happy and were more prosperous socially than fiscally. And while we are on the subject, here's to their son- John the Mailman- gone 2 years tomorrow, we all miss you.

  2. aww! sweet remembrances.
    Christine, I thought of you when I saw some old postcards on Greenwich Village Daily Photo today. I think you might like to see them. Check it out,

  3. Wow! The miracle of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. Need a translator of Slovak? Voila!



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