Friday, March 4, 2011

Night of the Southern Belles

Here's some inspiration for you budding movie makers looking for your big break.  It's just too bad there aren't many drive-in movie theaters anymore, because this would have been perfect.

You can make up your own plot, but here's what I'm thinking:
Following the deaths of their Confederate-soldier husbands and fiancees in the Civil War, these grieving southern belles haunt the swampland looking for revenge. No Yankee man is safe from them. The lovely ladies emerge silently out of the swamp, with their organza gowns and petticoats miraculously dry and unsoiled.  The ladies display the greatest poise as they beckon to the Yankee men, who are not accustomed to such things and are ill equipped to resist their beauty, grace, and southern charm. The lady may offer a mint julep, ask for assistance finding her lost parasol, or simply suggest a quiet stroll along the banks. Before the hapless northerner knows what has happened, he is being led into the swamp never to be seen alive again. It's terrible isn't it! A horror movie extraordinaire.

I'm not sure how the movie ends though. What do you think?


  1. I don't like horror movies but the story is engrossing :-)
    This looks more like the early fifties.
    Like that swampland in the first picture.

  2. Oh Christine, you definitely missed your calling!

  3. I like the idea of setting it in the 1950's, and think you need to add a twist to the plot line: One day a man shows up that attracts the belles like no other- the great, great, great, great grandson of Abe Lincoln- the ultimate prize. En mass, they lead him to the shore as a terrible storm approaches, and they begin to glide him across the surface of the water en route to his aqueous grave. A sudden brilliant flash of lightning strikes the group, and Lincoln finds himself flailing in the water surrounded by a grove of gnarly cypress trees that the belles have been turned into, their trunks mimicking the shapes of the colorful gowns. The evil spell of the haunting belles has been broken! Lincoln swims to shore, then starts a business selling cypress shingles and siding, gets rich, and moves to Miami Beach where he lives like a playboy. The end.

  4. I remember when they had airconditioning units under a bench for one of the girls who had to sit out in the sun for a long period of time to make the garden have that just special effect.

  5. An excellent concept, but to do a thorough job, we're going to need a lot more belles.

  6. Robert,
    Never underestimate a belle. Just a few belles can do a whole lot of damage.
    Might need more belles for the sequel though - "Appomattox Apocalypse."

  7. Bob,
    I think Scarlett stays underwater - too recognizable.

    Anonymous, This plot needs a little more work. Let's discuss at dinner.

  8. Spooky, but pretty. Perhaps being the 1950s it is the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, and that didn't end well. Hey but at least you would get to wear those pretty dresses while being taken over by aliens.

  9. I see that more as a scene from a Disney movie.

    I love the second card. There's so much going on and there is even a man with a camera.

  10. Lynette,
    You got it! Have you been there?



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