Friday, March 11, 2011

Quantico, Virginia

There's a lot to look at here - a grill, a cafe, rooms to rent, drug stores, great cars.  I'm not sure which street this is, but the cross street is C Street. I wanted to show you a current view for contrast, but it looks like this is one of the few places that the Google street view truck hasn't visited. Maybe it's because the city is surrounded by a military base.
The back of the card is not so much a message as a notation.

On the left it says:
Souvenir of Gemma and Wilfred Lavoie from Quantico, Virginia 10 Dec 1952.

On the right it says:
Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic for the first time in 1927.

Lindbergh was so badly misspelled that I had trouble making out what it was at first, and it has nothing to do with this postcard as far as I can tell.  Maybe it's a cold war spy message.


  1. Isn't Quantico also the headquarters of the FBI - I am sure I have read about it in thrillers. I love this kind of busy card where there is so much going on you can "read" the photograph for ages.

  2. All the people in this postcard are FBI agents, except a barrista in that Star Cafe, who is a CIA operative, for a change. Pocket change, from tipsters/informants. They are tipping well.

  3. great postcard and I'm really pleased to see it as I'm watching my way through the complete X files at the moment.

  4. The Rooms building looks just like a those in western shoot outs. Can't make out whether that's a military jeep. Great postcard with so much detail and lots of telephone lines.

  5. A quintessential Main Street view, with a serious bunch of classic cars lined up on display. If they only could have gotten those utility poles to sprout some branches and leaves...

  6. Fun card! Urban scenes are the most interesting to me.



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