Sunday, March 20, 2011

Streetcar Sunday - Copenhagen, Denmark

This is not a very clear picture, but since it shows a double-deck tram I couldn't resist it. The message on the back of the card is amusing too.
Tram service in Copenhagen ended in 1972, after operating for 109 years. Some of the tram cars were then shipped off to Egypt where they were put to use in Alexandria. Years later, the Danish Tramway Society managed to bring two of them back for the tram museum.

The message on the card reads:

We walked down here yesterday. It is a beautiful town. I like it so much, shall be sorry to leave it. I do not find it very cold, the air is quite different to England so invigorating. I feel quite "buxom" already. The customs seem so very strange, but shall get used to them. Am writing a long letter, so shall close this with fond love. B.S.

Well, there's the trade-off of a postcard vs. a letter. You get a nice picture on the front, but the message often raises more questions than it answers. What exactly are those strange customs?


  1. I love getting a glimpse into a piece of history. A snapshot of a life that was lived, strange customs marveled.

  2. I've spent a lot of time in Copenhagen; its a beautiful place. There's more people on cycles than on this postcard, way more traffic too. Beautiful city and very friendly people.

  3. Oh, if only the air could make us buxom these days. :>) Thanks so much for stopping by, Christine. I really enjoyed your SS post too!

  4. Is feeling buxom like when we say "it's so cold our headlights are on?"

  5. my headlights. well, you know what I mean:)



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