Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Guide to Gracious Living

We interrupt this postcard blog to bring you an announcement from our sponsor, The Guide to Gracious Living, also known as Amy Vanderbilt's Etiquette. I know - it's a book, not a postcard. Don't even think about complaining though, because I'm sure there's a section in the book somewhere that addresses such things as being improper.  This book is extremely helpful in a number of situations, including how to entertain if you have only one maid.

There are also many stylish illustrations.

Say, I wonder who drew those?

Yes, that's the same Andy Warhol who did the bright Marilyn Monroe paintings. He didn't even get top billing here, but then he was just starting out.

Here's a nice menu to help you plan your formal dinner.

Even back in 1956, the1893 Chateau de la Grange must have been a tall order.

Here's one final illustration:


  1. One-servant household...
    If the Mistress "cannot expect too much", then what can the Wife expect?
    Should the Husband turn either the Wife or the Mistress into a second servant, as needed?

  2. But what if the servant is already the Mistress?

  3. Sounds like the kind of book I could do with reading : or perhaps I will pass it on to my butler to read for me.

  4. I love it. I really cannot believe that Andy Warhol did the illustrations...he must of thought it was a hoot. Wait, why don't I have a servant, or two? Does the girl down the street that walks my dog from time to time count?

  5. Great find, I really like the place settings diagram and all that advice too :)

  6. The illustrations of the place settings remind me of home-ec class in junior high.

  7. Why, that lucky groom, married to a polka dot handkerchief! Thank goodness we never have to deal with the single-servant household dilemma, having such a large staff here at the estate- such a challenge for the little people these things, goodness... I knew that Warhol did drawings for advertising, store window displays and stuff like that when he first moved to NY, but the etiquette thing is a good one, especially since he would go on to defy any sense of it artistically and socially.

  8. Very fun -- times do change, don't they?

  9. My apologies if you left a comment on this post and it has disappeared. A Blogger glitch erased the entire post an all the comments. The post is restored - but the comments seem to be gone forever.

  10. Oh my and I bet they were good ones, too. I'm rather speechless myself -- and that's saying a lot:) "Just one servant" ??? Just one? Pauvre bebe....



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