Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Arrived and Feeling Fine

The message sent to Miss Sarah Denney in 1915 reads:

My Dear sis hope you are fine we all are. Pa got home ok! is going over to Alices this after noon guess you will have a sleigh ride when you come home, it is snowing hard. I aint got My sat-days work done yet and it is 1 oc. I will rite you a letter by Monday and send Hellen a card Pa will be down by Tuesday I think every thing is fine up here good luck your sis
Mrs. Marvin Price


  1. How strange, the card has a very Dutch feel about it but it was sent in the USA. And what a formal way to end a card to your sister.

  2. I was sure it was Dutch too. Were there areas in the USA predominately populated by them in 1915?

  3. Bob,
    Of course there were the earlier Dutch settlements - New Amsterdam/New York City, but there were also other places, such as Holland, Michigan that had a large percentage of people of Dutch descent. Today, there are approximately 8 million people of Dutch descent in the US.

  4. Pre-phones, definitely pre-email, this kind of card could be very reassuring to family worrying about someone travelling.


  5. Great Art Nouveau lettering on the card!



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