Thursday, July 7, 2011

Special at the Brighouse Cemetery

I bought this postcard along with some other Yorkshire postcards that I posted previously.  I almost didn't buy this one, but somehow the No Dogs Admitted sign convinced me.  I'm not suggesting there's any logic to that; it's just the way it happened.

I looked for some more images of the cemetery and found some nice ones at Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion. I also came upon a site that claimed to be the blog of Brighouse Cemetery and had this to say:

Welcome to the blog of Brighouse Cemetery
Hello! Brighouse Cemetery is in business in Brighouse, ENG, and is interested in doing business with you. Contact Brighouse Cemetery to request a deal, get a coupon or to do business.

I am not sure what kind of deals they might offer...half off? Maybe an Early Bird special? Group discount? Whatever the case, don't delay - I'm sure it's a limited-time offer.

Here's the back of the card.


  1. Men ARE admitted to that cemetery. That place may be the property of comedienne Wanda Sykes, who famously said: "They say men are dogs. That's not true!...Dogs are LOYAL!".

  2. I like the card very much and wonder did we use to spell cemetery with an 'a' back then. And obviously the problem of people letting dogs run round graveyards and cemeteries is not a new one.

  3. It is about a couple of miles from where I live Christine, and still looks very much like it did in your card. I will try to get along there within the next few days and take a contemporary photograph. No idea what the cemetery blog is - sounds suspicious to me.

  4. The sign is what caught my eye too.

    I have seen advertisements for businesses that seem to exist only on old postcards.

  5. Brighouse is about ten miles from me!Alan is right.....It looks much the same today.I've no idea what the deal might be? Some Sort Of Happy Hour Maybe...????

  6. Interesting composition, with the three figures huddled at the gate entrance.

  7. What I find most interesting about this image is that the child right below the 'dog' sign does not appear to have a head- perhaps he is not of this world, or maybe that's why they don't allow dogs...

  8. Fascinating! What a great card.



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