Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One-Room Schoolhouse

I don't know much about this one-room schoolhouse, except that it was in a town in Oregon that starts with the letter B.
Any thoughts?

Cassie, a teacher at this school, sent the card to Hilda Olsen in Monmouth, Oregon:
Dear Hilda  4/1/09
I have intended to write a letter to you every day but haven't had a chance. Will grab the first opportunity. Have only 10 more days of school and you know what a job it is to prepare a class for exams. This is where I shine and part of my little flock. (The absent part consists of two.) write to me soon can't you? Tue. without a letter from you isn't Tue. at all.

Ten more days of school would have meant that instruction stopped on April 11th! It seems early, but it's also possible that those children were needed on the farm during the busy spring months.


  1. Postcards are the most delightful water-droplet of social history aren't they.

  2. What a great postcard/photo! I hope the building got saved and ended up in a living museum (I know it would be hoping for too much for it to survive and be in the same place).

  3. fabulous postcard!!
    so much history in the gems!!

  4. Great postcard. I taught in a 2 room school house in the early 70s in California and actually substituted on a one room school in Mariposa County. both are closed now.

  5. I do know what a job it is! : )

  6. You have some great old postcards - have a look at my collection at Postcards of the Past.



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