Wednesday, February 8, 2012

He's Back...

I tried to keep him away, but Cupid is fairly persistent. He's here to teach me a lesson.

And, be careful, he's armed with bad rhymes. The one below only works if you pronounce 'worse' like the Three Stooges: 'woyse'. Either way, it's still a bad rhyme.

This rhyme's not so great either.

These cards were all posted, but only the last one has an interesting message:

The card is addressed to Miss Alice Owens, with a message that reads:

Dear Friend
Alice I have been very ill and wish I would have met you to have you nurse me hoping I have that pleasure very soon wish i knew you as well as I do that brother of yours but I think you are cuter
Billy the kid
with love


  1. I congratulate the postman who delivered this badly addressed card. ^_~

  2. For the comment above, I think in those days the postman knew every individual in the town and could deliver by just the name.

  3. Perhaps the first verse should read 'Cupid's curse' and then it would rhyme with worse ;)

  4. Oh, so sweet.....and that reminds me...I need to get my Valentine's in the mail!

  5. The first card is adorable. I think the blanks in the writing on the last card are "meet" (but he must have meant "met" and couldn't spell very well) and "to." It reads like he'd seen a picture of her (who was his friend's sister) but never met her in person. I think it's interesting that he sent her a postcard when he hadn't met her yet.

  6. Thanks Nancy,
    I think you're right, so I added the missing words. Thanks so much.

  7. i agree..the verse leaves something to be desired..but they really are pretty!
    Billy had quite the nerve..did he not!!!

    1. He seems like a bit of a stalker. But maybe things were different 100 years ago and it was okay to send such a suggestive card to a girl you had never met.

  8. Although we subconciously tend to associate love and poetry, it has been proved otherwise here. Anyway who said one couldn't live without the other?

  9. billy the kid??:) i think he was perhaps billy the kidder....



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