Monday, February 6, 2012

Get Back, Ya Little Varmint!

If you really want to keep him away though, you will have to do more than just yell. You need to spray him down, and not just with water either. You may need some strong repellants to keep this kind of trouble away.

And if you fail, all sorts of bad things could happen. Ouch!

Don't want that! ...or this:

Watch out for Cupid; you never know what he's packing.


  1. aw.....isn't it better to have loved and lost than never loved at all?

  2. Very unusual cards. Why would you want to keep cupid away? No, don’t answer that!

  3. That first one is a hoot, now I know where riot police got the idea of using water cannons- if it works on Cupid, mere mortals are a piece of cake. And that last card, looks like Mel Brooks/John Ashcroft might have had something to do with that quiver placement....

  4. The top illustration is outstanding. That's a lot of brush strokes!

  5. A terrific set of valentines. My favorite is the tragic romance, "Here's to the rose and here's to my heart..." The hearts afire one is bizarre.

  6. Cupid has lost my address!!
    Nice collection.

  7. Marvelous set of postcards! The gal in that top one seems a bit over-dressed, eh?

  8. looks like "love" needs a PR campaign:)ha! love the first one with the water hose!



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