Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your Next Vacation

Once again I am offering my assistance in planning your next vacation. I have selected some lovely motels for you as a starting point. The Motel Troy in Troy, Alabama is nice and it has some cute fake deer out front.

If you'd like to explore the Land of Lincoln, I suggest the Southern View Motel in Springfield, Illinois. I'm not sure what you'll see in that southern view, but there's plenty of parking.

As you head up north from Illinois, you may want to stay at Krueger's Motel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The motel manager, Freddy Krueger, seems very outgoing and energetic.

As you can see by the back of the first card, there are deals to be had. The card wasn't even mailed. I think it was just a note to remind the person what a good deal they got.

Stayed here Wed. nite July 25th 1962. $12 for the 6 of us. Supposed to be a 20 room.

Here are the backs of the other two cards:


  1. I like seeing when and where someone stayed. I have a few cards like that. It's a pretty good way of keeping track of your travels.

  2. What, no coin operated vibrating beds! I remember seeing those as a kid in the 60's.

  3. 1. Fake deer? I expected fake horses...
    2. For Civil War revisionists...

  4. A few years ago I bought a great novelty book: Boring Postcards USA. These ought to be in there. :-)

  5. I really like these. Totally Roadside America. Great signs and other kitsch to lure you in! Don't know if I would fall for the fake deer, but it is AAA rated, so it meets the basic standard of cleanliness and safety.



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