Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day cards are a thing of the past, though we still celebrate the holiday.

These are both embossed cards, something that you can't really see on the scans, but it creates an uneven writing surface on the back and can make for illegible messages.

The message to Miss Georgie Green in Wayland, New York reads:

"Hello Georgie"
How you was over thare. All well I hope. You probably think I am an awful lyer but I am but I am sure  coming over It has been impossible for me to come before.
ans soon W.S.

This one, to Mrs. B.G. Brown of Norwich, New York is a lot harder to read.

Dear Ella and Bige I joust see your letter you wrote to day found it in Mells pocket - I hope you are both well and will have a nice day to day. Gladys and Bob are  up to Nellie's now Poor Nellie she has her hands full I can tell you and as does May we have moved the central (?)  agen. I bought a place think it would be cheaper  than to rent - come up  you and Bige would like to see you. Ma is well and looks well love, your mother


  1. I do like embossed cards but you are right about the effect on handwriting, you've done well in being able to read the pencil message.
    Happy St Patrick's Day (its a sunny one here)

  2. Momentary shivers because I had a great aunt Gladys and her husband was Bob. However they never left Dublin so I can breathe again.

    Happy St Patrick's Day.

  3. Ich hab nie verstanden warum man von "the luck of the irish" sppricht. Mir scheinen die Iren und die irische Nation eher glücklos zu sein

  4. It's a good craic, as some Irish friends I once had would have said.

  5. Enjoyed the St.Patricks Postcards. It is fun reading the messages.

  6. Great postcards with interesting messages!



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