Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ocean Park, California

Ocean Park (South Santa Monica) was a popular beach resort back at the turn of the century. There was a huge heated indoor saltwater plunge, a dancing pavilion, a casino, auditorium, skating rink, an aquarium, and amusement rides. Despite numerous fires over the years, Ocean Park continued to thrive until the Depression. By the 1950s efforts were underway to create a new amusement park at the location. The new park closed and declared bankruptcy in 1967.

Here's a card showing Pier Avenue in about 1905.

Here's on that shows the dancing pavilion.

And, finally, a beach scene showing a lot of overdressed people. It appears that there is quite a bit of litter on the beach, and something that resembles a barrel down by the water.

Here are the backs of the cards in the same order.
The first one was sent to Mrs Mirrieto Kiser in Chicago in 1908. The message reads:

Los Angeles, Cal
Nov 27 - well dear sweet heart did you think of me today when you ate your dinner I did you I had a nice dinner but not good unless you were at my side + then I would be happy
Your lover

The second one was sent to Miss Gladys Smith in Regina (?), California in 1913. The message reads:

Dear Gladys -
I was awful glad to get your letter. Did you write it your self? I am going to send you some story book some time. Be good girl and write again
Sister Sue

The last one was sent from Venice, California to Miss Bernice Wiskotschell of Marysville, California in 1908. The message reads:

 Venice - Aug. 16 - 08
Dear Bernice,
Receivd a postal from you today - good to hear that you are having a good time - this is a view of where I am this afternoon. remember me to all.


  1. Ah.....lovely....wouldn't you like to walk around there?

  2. Nestled between Venice and Santa Monica, I grew up going to Pacific Ocean Park (POP, the amusement park that "died") in the 60's and lived in Ocean Park for 20+ years. Still a great neighborhood, but nothing like the turn of the century Ocean Park! Great cards! Thanks Christine!

  3. I have had a number of Ocean Park Postcards. I also grew up in West Los Angeles and went to POP. The beach area of Santa Monica and Venice is still fun to visit along with the Santa Monica Pier. The promenade in Santa Monica is a great place to walk and shop and people watch. My family n longer lives in LA so I have not visited there lately.

  4. I remember well when POP died!
    grew up in the San Fernando Valley..back then it took less than 30 min to get to Santa Monica and Venice.
    these postcards are marvelous!!!

  5. Looks like a swell beachfront town scene. I like three different messages, the one from Fred is best, he pretty much laid it on the line for Mirrieto (never seen that name before...).

  6. Lovely postcards, the pavillion reminds me of Brighton (England).



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