Friday, August 6, 2010

We're Just Tired

I'm just too tired to post anything more today, mostly because I am working on tomorrow's post, which has sucked me under like quicksand. Check back in tomorrow for an interesting story.


  1. Nice postcard. The humour almost passed me until I realised that in the US you spell tyre with an "i" instead of a "y" ... and then I found a whole wikipedia page devoted to english vs america spellings ... good to learn something new every day :-)

  2. They look "wheely, wheely" tired out. I'm a little past punster age, but, yep, irresistible. Jack/Youngstown

  3. Dakotaboo,

    I had forgotten all about that spelling difference. I always remember color and colour and some of the others, but not that one. Does make life interesting.

    Jack, you are too funny!

  4. I never knew about tire/tyre either! Another fun postcard - can't wait until tomorrow's story!

  5. Christine -
    Thanks so much for stopping by with a bit
    of art encouragement .. .
    I'll look forward to your post tomorrow
    (though I really like this card,too!) -




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