Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lei Sellers - Honolulu, Hawaii

Never mind the leis, I'd like to have his vintage shirt, please.
There are still lei sellers at the Honolulu Airport, selling some very beautiful leis. If you're flying out of Honolulu, leave a little extra time to go to the outdoor lei sellers. It's just a quick walk outside the terminal. The quality is better and the prices are lower than what you would pay inside the airport.



  1. Nice to see them wear this and dance.

  2. I would really like to be in Hawaii right now!

  3. Do you remember the old stands at the old airport? I found an old slide my father took around 1953. I was so sorry when they tore those stands down. I can remember going there to get leis to give to teachers. I can also remember making many leis as a child out of orchids and from plumerias that grew outside our home.

    Very nice cards with a lot of memories for me. Oh, and I still have one of my father's early 50s rayon Aloha shirts. I think of all of the ones that were thrown away and cringe.

  4. A year after his brief but intense affair w/ the daughter of the woman in the second card, Eric, as was his wont, sorted out his feelings in song. "Lei-la" he wrote atop the score sheet. No, said the producer, we'll have to change it. Legal, you know, he added.

    Sorry, Christine, these cards just tapped my inner sixth grader.:) Jack/Youngstown

  5. Tattered and Lost,
    I never saw the old stands, but the new ones are very nice too. It's just that people don't seem to know they exist. They should be much busier.

  6. Jack,
    Well, at least you weren't channeling a 9th grader. Could have been worse.



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