Friday, August 20, 2010

More Fish for Friday

More lovely fish.  Don't forget to read this previous post if you want to know more about the French tradition of April Fish.
The message on the front of this one this one says: With my thoughts to those I cherish. The message on the back is mysterious. Often these cards were sent anonymously and signed "guess who" or something along those lines.  On the left-hand side of the card, the message includes the phrase: Seek and you shall find. 

What's really amusing about the card is the right-hand side which is just the address written out as a comical narrative: Miss Marthe Jamisson who lives with her parents on ___ street in _____ town etc.  The narrative ends with Department unknown, Province - seek and you shall find. (Europe)    I thought at first that it had been hand-delivered, because no postman would put up with that kind of nonsense, but there is a canceled stamp on the front of the card. It seems this postman had a sense of humor.


  1. It is a marvelous card. If it had been hand tinted it would have been a lot of tedious work.

  2. Love the narrative address to Mademoiselle Marthe! And the world was so much smaller then, no?

  3. Ah those French, wearing chef's hats at such a tender age, sans starch and a lovely color in this case... OK, so maybe it isn't a chef's hat, but it is an adorable image!

  4. What a great postcard! Amazing it could be delivered that way - some postal carriers are very patient folks! I remember once, I had a package where someone had forgotten something very essential - I think the address line - but someone in the post office recognized my name.

    I love the delicate colors, too!



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