Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Congratulation

That's right - only one congratulation. We don't want to give in to excess after all.

Most of the birthday cards I have seen feature roses if they have any flowers at all. These two cards both have pictures of Edelweiss. That's very unusual. The first card was printed in Germany and the second one may have been too, which might explain why there's Edelweiss.

Here are the backs of the cards in the same order. The first one was sent to Miss mabel Every in Bloomville, New York in 1914.

The second one, to Miss May Carey of Tunkhannock, New York, may have been sent in an envelope. The message reads:

If you do not come on diamond and come on local why phone me from station and I will come and meet you.

Just in case you thought Diamond was the name of May's horse, it was actually the Black Diamond,  a passenger train that ran between New York City and Buffalo from 1896 to until 1959.


  1. the etchings in the first one stands out.
    Look at the address, so short and simple, yet they get delivered without fail.

  2. Hum....address...short & simple....wonder if I'll get mine....



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