Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't be a Fool - Back up Your Blog

Along with the French April Fish cards in honor of April 1, I have a word of caution for people who have blogs on Blogger. I was caught off guard yesterday when all traces of my blog vanished. It was as if it never existed. Over two-and-a-half years of work and 800+ posts disappeared from the internet. I have heard of this happening to other people, but I thought it was an 'old' issue. Often the deleted blog comes back in a day or two, but not always. I am happy my blog is back, but I was kicking myself for not staying up to date on back-ups. This only takes a minute, so be sure to do it. It's very easy to do, just not so easy to find the directions:

Click on Design in the upper right-hand corner of your blog window.
The new window that comes up will have a list on the left. Click on the last one: settings
Then click on other at the bottom of the list
Towards the top of the page, you will see Blog Tools, click on Export Blog
Don't worry, this will not make your blog go away, but it will create a file that includes all of your posts and the comments too!

It's probably a good idea to do this at least once a month. You can just delete the older files.  Then if your blog disappears, you have two options:

1. You can create a new blog in Blogger, and go through the same steps above, but instead of clicking on Export Blog, click on Import Blog. It will then allow you to browse for files. Hopefully you can remember where you saved the export file. Click on it and it will quickly load all of the posts.

2. You can export the blog to another blog service like Wordpress.

I have not tried exporting to Wordpress, but I did try creating a new test blog on Blogger and importing the posts. It worked beautifully. Please note that it does not save the blog template; you have to do that separately. The export works very quickly and without taking up much disk space (my exported blog was 15.4 MB.) With any luck your blog will not disappear, but in case it does you'll feel a lot better if you saved a copy of it and so will your readers.


  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I backed up right away. Love the fish cards. I wonder how they got started?

  2. Well, I'm a bigger fool because I know exactly how to do it, but do I? Ahem.... Off I go.

  3. Thanks Christine - I never knew you could do that. Of course I will from now on. I had my first run in with blogger on Saturday when it wouldn't let me comment on anybody else's blog. I tried all sorts of tricks, including going back to the old interface, which worked. When I went back to the new interface it was ok again, but it does upset your equilibrium doesn't it.

  4. I wondered where you'd gone yesterday and was pleased to see you reappear later on. Thanks for the instructions on backing up, have now done it.

  5. YIKES!!!! I better go back up......and thanks for no fooling!
    I would be most upset if your blog (or mine) vanished! Love the fish cards - mais oui!

  6. Das ist mir auch schon passiert, zum Glück ist mein Blog auch wieder aufgetaucht. Aber das Gefühl, dass alles weg ist, ist schlimm.
    Danke für die Anleitung.
    Das probier ich gleicg aus.

  7. This type of fish cards- no real photo images- are more cute than quirky, but I think that last one definitely has some potential for a melodramatic
    /surrealist/operatic film short...

  8. Thanks for bringing up this issue of backing up one's blog. I've thought about it, but never acted ob it. Wouldn't want to end up being a foolish blogger.

    Happy April Fish!!!

  9. So glad you're back up! My heart was breaking at the thought of all your work and unselfish dedication over the years completely disappearing. Glad you're back and backed up!

  10. I did back up one of my blogs, but it export only text and images, no vids or music.... and you know how much I like to mix a bit of everything... Still, sound advice.

  11. Das mit dem Blog- backup hat funktioniert. Danke schön.
    Und ja, ich hab die Uhr bemalt, sondt wäre ich ich so dreist, sie bei IF zu zeigen ;0)
    Liebe Grüße

  12. Good advice! I'm going to back mine up right now.

  13. Great information. I'm a little afraid to try it. I'm such a computer dope! When you said "hopefully you'll remember where you saved the export files" I was stumped because I wouldn't know where to save them. Maybe there will be a clue when I try it. Wouldn't you think Blogger would alert us about this? It seems so important. But luckily we have a friend like you!!!

  14. Thank you for the advice! I'm always lazy when it comes to making backups...

  15. I will try the backing up process.

    Actually I am more worried about having blogger block my blog. From what I have read, it sounds like you can't get it back now without using a smartphone. I don't have a smartphone, and I can't think of anyone that I know that has one.

  16. Good thinking! will do it now

  17. ugh, so that's what happened. I had an awful experience attempting to upgrade my iPhone a few days ago, in anticipation of getting an iPad. Lost a year's worth of photos, with no chance of recovery. So says Apple. Killed my appetite for the iPad. Will happily spend the money on books and magazine subscriptions! Glad you recovered your excellent blog.

  18. Hi Christine:
    Little Nell drew my attention to your post. Thanks very much for a clear instruction. Up till now I produced a PDF every now and then but this is much better!



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