Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wearing My Heart Away for You

I don't usually post anything on the weekend, but just this once...
This card was inspired by the song I'm Wearing My Heart Away for You, written by Charles K. Harris in 1902. It is not the same song made popular by George Jones years later.

Here are the Lyrics to the song:

I wonder where you are tonight, my love,
As all alone I sit and dream.
I wonder if your heart's with me tonight,
And if the same stars for you gleam.
I sometimes fear there is another love,
Some fairer face has won your heart;
But Ah, I hope the day will never come,
The day that we two must live apart.

The bees are droning in the wild wood, love,
The flowers their tiny heads bow low.
The birds are singing soft and plaintively,
They miss your dear kind face I know.
From o'er the meadow comes a faint perfume,
It whispers gently, "Love you're true;"
But Oh, my darling, if you only knew,
I'm wearing my heart away for you.

I'm wearing my heart away for you,
It cries aloud, "My love be true,"
I dream of you by night, I long for you by day,
I'm wearing my heart away for you. 

I found an old recording on the internet archive, but it's very squeaky. If you're interested in listening to it anyway, here it is.

Here's the back of the card, sent to Adele Littlefield in Detroit, Michigan.


  1. Wear and tear...cute and slightly creepy card...:)

  2. One can read so much - or so very little into a commercial card. I wonder what the recipient made of it. Retrospectively, we can choose.

  3. Interesting - nice song but rather an odd interpretation- more Halloween than Valentine’s.

  4. Yikes! That looks so like a saw! Blood spraying...

    Over-active imagination, I know.

  5. I suppose in these days of healthy eating and consciousness about cardio-vascular health, the song title has a different meaning. I somehow envisage someone sitting down to a fine fry-up of a breakfast prepared by his or her loving partner.

  6. i love this!!
    thanks so much for posting it!!!

  7. That has to be one of the weirdest postcards I've seen.

  8. That is an incredibly cool and creepy Valentine...and the black cats give it a Halloweeny feel. I love it!

  9. Looks like the artist thought love could be a real grind...



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