Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tram Tuesday - Tacoma Washington

Be sure to check out the previous Tacoma Streetcar Sunday post.
Today's Tacoma postcard shows a streetcar in front of the Hotel Donnelly and Grand Theatre, a building that was demolished in 1925. A sign on the front of the building advertises oysters.

Maye sent this card to her mother, Mrs. J.C. Browne of Grants Pass, Oregon in 1908, with amessage that reads:

Dear Mother
We leave for Seattle this eve will be there about a week. write me Am having a dandy good time
lovingly Maye
It all looks the same. I don't like Tacoma.


  1. 1908 and still the colours are so good.
    The slow moving tram must have been the best mode of transport in those days.

  2. Love your blog. I collect postcards as well. I don’t have many- I have just started the collecting. I love when I find a post card that has been mailed vs one that has no words.


  3. I hope the folks at the post office didn't take the "I don't like Tacoma" too personally... I have to imagine that Tacoma was more diverse and exciting in 1908 than Grants Pass, with more than 20 times the population, Mt Rainier and the Cascades in the backyard, and Puget Sound in the front- shoot, Maye could have even gone for a ride on that fine streetcar! I like the 'floating' sign across the street on wires.

  4. I'd love to know why she doesn't like Tacoma! Maybe her week in Seattle was more pleasing!

  5. wonder if she went to Tacoma last if she'd have liked it better? wonder what she didn't like?
    wonderful postcard..it has held up with the colors really well!!

  6. I guess the message actually says she is leaving 'for' Seattle. I updated it. I'm not sure why she didn't like Tacoma.

  7. Interesting that she was having both a dandy time and not liking Tacoma...



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