Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Newgate Gap - Margate, England

Most of all I love postcards that show a snapshot of life as it was at that moment, people going about their business and perhaps stopping briefly to look at the camera. What happened just before the photo was taken? Did the man fall of the bike? Are the people on the iron bridge above watching this scene or looking out to sea? In any case, I would love to jump into the scene and take a walk to the refreshments shop, built into the rock face,  before I head down to the shore at Cliftonville, the coastal area of Margate, a town located in South East England.

This card shows the original bridge, built in 1861, a 42-foot span at an elevation of nearly 60 feet.  In 1907, a decision was made to replace the bridge with a new more ornate one.

Here's the back of the card. It's addressed to Mr. Chilvers, c/o Mrs Miles, Lower Lodge, Kingswood Manor, Burgh Heath near Epsom with a message that reads:

1 Princes St 
Dear Wilf
All right
Hope you are


  1. I have a 'found' photo of this, from either 1920s or 1930s, didn't know where it was until I was looking through some postcards (from a later date) and found a postcard depicting the Newgate Gap - they are all somewhere in my 'to do' pile.

  2. It is a wonderful moment in time, so long ago! A very rare find in postcards!

  3. People add a lot to postcard views. The man with fallen bicycle is especially interesting.

  4. He may have just laid the bike down on the ground to get get a refreshment and is now picking it up? I bet people didn't have to chain bikes to posts as much back then...

  5. Great postcard! You’re right. What great time captures here. I love gazing at old cards and photos like this and wondering about the people, what was happening and what they were thinking. Love that inset refreshment stand!

  6. What a great shot...I stare at it expecting it to start "flickering" and go into motion like someone had stopped an old silent movie...

  7. So what is up with that sliver of photo in the enlarged image where a piece of the shoe and pant leg of the man standing next to the bicyclist has moved forward 18"? The bike dude seems to be wondering why the guy's foot is not attached...

  8. That must be the shortest message ever!



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