Monday, July 2, 2012

Are We Hungarians?

This writing looks like it could be Hungarian, but I really don't know. What I do know is that I was so transfixed by the image that I had to buy the card.  This group doesn't quite fit together, and I can't provide an explanation. They could be characters in a play, but the man who is standing on the right really does look as if he has worked hard and been exposed to the elements. The man on the left, looks as if he just came riding up on his horse.  Do you have any ideas? I guess we would have a better idea what this was about if someone could decipher the message on the back.

Here's the back of the card, from two different directions, just in case someone can actually read this.

The photo below has nothing to do with the postcard. It just brought it to mind. It's a sign I photographed at a church not far from my house, which presumably was meant to say Food Donations for the Hungry.


  1. My instinct is that it is a landowner and wife, with the tenant farmer and wife that work the land for him. But if that's the case, who's the soldier in the center? I feel like he could be related to the landowner's wife, like a brother she has cared for. Regardless, it's entertaining to figure it all out!

  2. They certainly look to be from different social backgrounds. I hope you get some clues.

  3. I think Sabrina is probably right -- but who IS that soldier boy in the middle? Could it be the land owners son?

  4. I like Sabrina's theory too. I assumed the soldier boy was about 12 though. He doesn't look old enough to be a soldier.

  5. Speaking of that soldier in the middle, it looks he has something stuffed in his coat to bulk him up a bit in an attempt to NOT look 12 years old. Reminds me of the time I wore my brother's college jacket- which was about 10 sizes to big for me- to try to get into a bar when I was underage...

  6. Interesting - I also thought land owner and tenant, but I thought that the soldier looked a bit like the tenant, and is certainly as poor and scruffy as the tenant. Something about the nose an the middle of his face is quite similar to the tenants face.

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  8. The photo was made in Királyhegyes (East-Hungary) Easter Sunday April 1936.(in the Second World War!)
    „My mother's wish, that you inherit the picture because you are the youngest one.“(text dated in 1954)
    „Jancsi was here on Sunday to dine with us, and wanted to take a photo, but the sun did not shine. We wanted to takes much more photos, because 16 piggies from 2 pigs were born.“

    The text says unfortunatelly nothing about the indentity of the persons.
    It was feudalism in that time in Hungary and I guess they are the personal of a farm in 2 level hierarchy: the man and the woman from left are competent
    for household and economy, the others worked on the lands and looked after the animals. I thinks also, that the young man the son of the peasants.
    He was maybe a „levente“(paladin). „Levente“ was a military organisation for 12–21 years old boys, who dropped out of a school.

  9. Thank you Susannia,
    You are amazing. How sad that this special photo has now been separated from the family.

  10. wow, great info from Susannia, thanks!

  11. I'm glad I checked back to find out more :)
    Very interesting.

  12. Christine, as always, have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your blog and reading the comments,too.



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