Friday, October 26, 2012

More Photo Sleuthing

Remember the Hendersons from yesterday's post? Well, I unearthed some more photos from the family and discovered that I had also posted something on one of them in 2010...and forgotten all about it. And that photo was from a different box of photographs. It just goes to show you how things can get mixed up. It was another one of those Aha! moments.

The first carte de visite photo is labeled James and Hanna Henderson. The 1850 Census shows them both born in about 1806. They had 10 children. One of those, Ezra, was the father of all Hendersons from yesterday's post. This photograph was probably taken around between 1865 and 1870.

James and Hanna Henderson
Then there's this carte de visite, which is hard to stop looking at! It must be linked to the Anna Henderson Nesbitt in some way, but I couldn't tell you how. Isn't it the oddest thing? Is he a giant? Is she a midget? The writing on the back says this is Eliza Nesbitt and father, and the imprint on the back shows that it was taken at A. Hickox Gallery of Art in Binghamton, New York.

Eliza Nesbitt and father
This post is really about Anna Eliza Henderson (1868-1950) who married William S. Nesbitt Jr. (1852-1931). This is the lovely photo from yesterday of Anna with William and their son George Earl Nesbitt, who went by the name Earl (born 1895).

William, Anna, and Earl Nesbitt

And here's another photo of Earl, relaxing in an ornate wicker chair. The photo was taken by S.S. Cornell of Stamford, New York.

Earl Nesbitt
But Anna and William had another child, Lillian, who was born in 1890 and is not shown in the family photograph, because she died at the age of six when Earl was only one year old. The writing on the back of the card says Lillian Nesbitt, Earl's sister.

Lillian Nesbitt
10/31/12 Update. I just found another photo labeled Anna Nesbitt and daughter Lillian., so I'm adding it. 

Finally, here's the photo I posted in 2010 that I had forgotten about. It shows Anna and William Nesbitt at the Los Angeles Ostrich farm in California. The back of the card is labeled Anna Nesbitt Boggs. Why Boggs? Because she remarried.  But we can see that this is clearly her first husband, William Nesbitt in the photograph.

Anna Nesbitt Boggs
The second husband, William Sidney Boggs (1868-1957), was still listed as widowed in the 1940 Census, and Anna Henderson Nesbitt died in 1950, so it must have been a brief marriage when they were both in their 70s. As the previous post of Anna Nesbitt Boggs at the Ostrich Farm will tell you (the one I forgot about!), Anna is buried next to her first husband in the Valley Views Cemetery in Stamford, New York.


  1. A fine bunch of images. Hanna in the first one almost looks like a character out of a Tim Burton film or something. And that second shot is just bizarre- if the base board in the room is a foot high, which is pretty big, he would only be a bit over 6' tall, but his feet look huge and the girl looks absolutely tiny proportional to the age she appears. Love the hair on the gents in 3 and 4 too!

  2. How lovely to find you have all these photos relating to the same family. The second cdv is strange, the plant seems to act as some kind of measure, though perhaps unintentionally. I think his coat adds to the tall look too.
    So sad about Lilian, there's always some sadness to find looking back.

  3. oh..i enjoyed these photos and your post so very much!!!!!!
    i am mad for old photos!!! just love them!!! i pour over every detail, hair , clothes,shoes,etc! fascinating!

  4. Hi Christine, I love all your vintage postcards and images. I appreciate you taking the time to share them! I am now following and look forward to many returns! xo Pam

  5. Great job Sherlock, this is very interesting, and the photos are really special. I like the lady in the ostrich- chariot. That is really a weird family ;0)

  6. When the fuel runs out we can always start using ostriches. Nice giant-midget CDV :-).



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