Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did You Really Say That?

This card shows a scruffy, ink-stained photo of L'arc de Triomphe in Paris, not worth posting if it weren't for the message on the back.

The message from Minnie to Seargeant Richard Davis, a patient at the U.S. Army Base Hospital #1  reads:

This arch is but 2 blocks from our hotel I do hope you will get to see Paris for it is a most beautiful city. Although I hate to admit it, I do think it is much prettier than New York. Hope you are still with us so I may see you again.
Sincerely Minnie

I'm afraid I don't know if Minnie was able to see him again or not.


  1. I am 'hoping' that the 'hope you are still with us' was perhaps that he either worked at the hospital (where she also worked) or that if he were a patient would still be in the hospital and not have gone home for the rest of his recovery. Surely she can't have meant, 'if he were still alive!' :)
    The ink probably got onto the card at the hospital :)

  2. The streetcars and pedestrians in the photo make the front very worth posting. Today, the Arc is surrounded by multiple lanes of speeding cars. This window into a calmer, more civilized past is awesome. In contrast today's Arc de Triomphe looks like this:

  3. I agree with Lisa, I think she meant still at the hospital.

  4. It would be interesting to Google the hospital and see how ill the patients were... I can't make out all the details of the address.

  5. This Paris card makes up for the fried cat:)hehehe



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