Saturday, May 1, 2010

Strange Mutoscope Cards

These are relatively strange Mutoscope cards, in that their allure is less obvious than other more typical examples, which often depict women with skirts flying up in the air. Since I already explained what Mutoscope cards are in a previous post, I won't do it again. If you didn't read it (or can't remember), you should really check out this previous post.


  1. I hadn't read your blog about mutoscope--I will go there now--these are spectacular!!!

  2. They really are classic works of art in their way. We would call that airbrushing today, but I don't know what the tinting process was then..maybe mutoscope, right?

  3. They look really classic :) Beautiful indeed.

    By the way, I got your card thank you very much. I posted in my blog already here.

  4. I finally got the 'shoulder...arms!' text as a reference to the military drill call, a little slow this weekend... I'm sure that the Mutoscope pix were very popular with soldiers.

  5. Thanks, anonymouse...I never did get that, until you mentioned it.



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