Monday, May 24, 2010

W Tripoli Italiana

What's up with the W Tripoli Italiana stamp on this postcard? In 1912, when this postcard was sent, Italy had just won the Turco-Italian War and been awarded Libya as a prize. Although this war only lasted for 13 months, it showed some notable advances in warfare technology such as the airplane, which was used not only in reconnaissance, but also to drop a bomb on Turkish troops in Libya. The airplane on this card hardly resembles a bomber, but I think the reference is intended anyway. The card is originally French; the Tripoli stamp was probably added later.

The postcard was sent to someone I would love to have met in person, the carissima (dearest) Carmelina Piccolo. I admit it's because I love her name.
As luck would have it, another Carmelina graciously agreed to translate this card for me. You can see what Carmelina's creating these days on her blog, Creative Carmelina. Although Carmelina couldn't make out the last sentence, here is her translation:

Endicott, 11 Nov. 1912
Dearest C.
I'm sorry that I haven't written you sooner, but it's because I was waiting to give you a small photo of myself. Please wait patiently and do not worry. We are all well here.


  1. What a wonderful card, a real treasure. And a fascinating history lesson into the bargain. Pure pleasure every time I visit your blog.

  2. i was glad i could help you out, in a small way!


    ciao bella!
    Creative CARMELINA

  3. Remarkable card -
    a treasure, indeed!


  4. I think at that point there was technically no such thing as a bomber. Whatever aircraft could stay in the sky long enough for a pilot to throw an explosive device out of was by default, a 'bomber'. I'm sure that the cute little girl on this card is instead dropping gum drops and taffy on the unsuspecting mortals below...

  5. Christine, always enjoy coming here! I have the same little girl but no Italy stamp. So nice that you have a translator to turn to:) hehee I appreciate it when you've helped me out.



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